Monday, March 2, 2015

I'm Human and It's my Birthday sooooo yeah.

Slacked a bit this weekend because it was my Birthday. Happy Birthday to me... Happy Birthday to me. Whoa did I have a great Birthday. Birthdays make you realize how much emphasis we place on food. This Health Kwest has really made me more conscious of calories and for that I'm forever Thankful. I had a free birthday pastry at Panera. I decided to splurge just a bit... I haven't had sweets in two weeks. In the past I usually would have one or dare I say it even two cookies. You wont believe how much one chocolate chip cookies has... 400 calories. Instead of eating a cookie by myself Danny and I shared it and yes it was delicious!!! For dinner we went a mexican restaurant. I had a skinny Margarita and a glass of wine. I wanted sooo badly to get quesadillas but I had steak with beans no rice. It was a great night. I passed up cake and fried doughnuts. Denying everything you enjoy isn't the way to a healthy lifestyle but I've definitely learned you cant have everything. You have to give and take. Sunday was my actual birthday. Danny treated me to a manicure, pedicure and massage. I had Genghis for lunch and we went to a Greek place for dinner. Instead of two entrees we split in entree and had a side salad and appetizer...SHARING IS CARING. I've also realized that I'm not stuffing myself anymore. When I finished with dinner I know I could've eaten more but I didn't need to. Life is Good. I didn't think my Birthday weekend could get any better but I woke up to news that we were off school for snow/ice. Wahooo!!!! I went to body pump today and it kicked my butt. Ate at Genghis and got lots of veggies!!!

Genghis: chicken,steak,snow peas,corn,broccoli,bean sprouts, mix of garlic water and khan pao.

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