Thursday, March 26, 2015


I just ate spinach with a can of tuna and squeezed lemon.... I walk in and out of my office still hungry... but I'm not really hungry I just want something to snack on. If this had been January I would've found something else to eat. The Kwest has really opened my eyes to nutrition. What I've learned most is it's not something that you should follow for a month or two just to loose weight. It's something that should be maintained throughout a lifetime. I know a lot of people use the popular app my fitness pal. It's wonderful and has been very eye opening. I remember towards the beginning of this journey logging in a days worth of healthy food. I had used all of my calories by eating healthy... this really put things into perspective. I cant imagine how many calories I was eating before when I was unhealthy. So glad that I've taken this journey. I've found different ways to make dishes more nutritious. I feel better, more alive, I FEEL LIKE I CAN CONQUER THE WORLD. 

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