Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

It's pretty ironic that I'm writing this blog as a I lay in bed with possibly strep because one thing that has changed has been my health. I feel physically energized and extremely healthy. When I eat healthy I'm not sluggish. I feel more upbeat. Emotionally I've had my ups and downs. Some days I feel absolutely amazing but then sometimes I get cravings. Even though I'm able to resist unhealthy foods it can still be hard to not want those things. My husband, family, coworkers and the Genghis Grill staff have been very supportive of this Health Kwest. I haven't take many photos of myself but I on St. Patrick's Day I rolled around a cart of Shoppers doughnuts. Talk about willpower and emotions. This Kwest has helped me to realize that I dont't need to eat unhealthy. When I pass up cookies, cake, pizza doughnuts I feel emotionally strong!!! So excited to continue for the next three weeks!!!!! Go health kwest!!!!! Loving Genghis Grill

Hoping that I feel better so I can get to the gym this weekend!!!

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